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6 Teamcenter BMIDE - Deploy Project
Teamcenter customization is done in BMIDE. Once customization / configuration is completed, this new configuration has to be deployed into Teamcenter Production Environment.
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7 Teamcenter Organization - Roles Groups Users Persons Org Structure
One of the first step in Teamcenter Admin role is create Organization. Creation of organization involves creating groups, roles, Persons , Users and linking Users to Roles to groups.
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8. Teamcenter Admin Classification Administration
Classification is a one stop shop to store all reusable resources in Teamcenter. Admin has to create Classification Hierarchy, Add Attributes and LOVs and build classification structure.
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9. Teamcenter Projects
Teamcenter projects is a concept used to manage project data and Project Teams. Before project team can access data and work in projects. The Project Team, Project Access and Data should be created in Teamcenter projects.
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