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2. Teamcenter Admin BMIDE Create New Business Object
BMIDE is used to create new custom Item Types.. in this video we will demonstrate on creation of new Item, and add properties to this item type.
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3. Teamcenter Admin BMIDE Modify Data Model
BMIDE is used to Create new Data objects and also modify .. in this video we see how can we modify properties and add compound properties..
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4 Teamcenter Admin BMIDE - Data Model Configuration
BMIDE is a place where we configure Teamcenter to Customer needs.. here in BMIDE we can create Status, LOVs, Revision Rules, Display rules, Deep Copy rules and GRM rules.
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5. Teamcenter Admin BMIDE - Form Creation
Creating a new Custom form / forms is very common task in configuring Teamcenter to any customer requirements. Here we show how to create new Form and attach attributes in BMIDE.
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