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17. Teamcenter - Use Classification Data in Structure Manager
Using classification data in Structure Manager is a very tricky process. Here you will learn how to search data in classification and use this searched data n building BOM in Structure Manager.
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18. Teamcenter Workflow
Teamcenter workflows are vital in mapping customer business process. Once Workflows are created, these workflows will become standard process across organization.. Here we will Demosthenes the use of workflows , Initiate Workflows, Signoff, Out of Office, Surrogate, delegate and release workflows.
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1 Teamcenter Manufacturing Process Planning MPP UI
Teamcenter Manufacturing Process Planner is a module in Teamcenter for Manufacturing team. Here we will focus on the TC MPP user interface and few functionalites like Product, Process, Plant and Time Tabs.. 3D viewer, collaboration context
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2 Teamcenter Manufacturing Process Planning MPP- Create mBOM
Creation of mBOM is the first step in the creation of Process Plan. Usually eBOM is a very flat Structure and owned by Engineering team. But when its comes to manufacturing the mfg team prefer to create new sub assemblies with relevant parts for part planing and manufacturing. So we create mBOM specific for Mfg needs.
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