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13. Teamcenter Revision Mgmt
Revision Management helps you to configure BOMs with specific revision as per need to different departments. We will also look into Precise and Imprecise BOM.
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14. Teamcenter Variant Mgmt
Variant Management is used to configure multiple BOMs from a single 150% BOM. Variants are exclusively used to reduce the creation of similar BOMs again and again. This leads to simplifying the process and reducing time to design.
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15. Teamcenter Classification
Teamcenter Classification is very important to store and retrieve data.. to create new classification object, first we need to create and item and then classify the Item Revision and in this process the attributes can be filled manually or linked directly.. There is a facility to modify attributes after filling them..
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16. Teamcenter Classification Search
Retrieving data in classification is very simple and user friendly,. .. you can search data in classification by Groups, classes, Item Ids or even by attributes
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