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5. Teamcenter Item, Form, Revise
This video helps to understand the basic Teamcenter Object - Item. Here we will create Item and modify properties and then Revise the item and also create a new item using the Save As option.
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6. Teamcenter Dataset Versions
Any external information from any fiel format is created inside Teamcenter using Data sets. Data sets holds external files , we can create these datasets in Teamcenter or import a file into dataset. We will also look into working with Data set versions.
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7. Teamcenter. Organize Data in Folders
This is a quick video on how to organize data in folders, using Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop.
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8. Teamcenter Search
Teamcenter user friendly Search is created to faster retrieval of data. Here we will focus on Quick Search, Advanced Search, save search, compare Search and Where Used and Where Referenced.
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